Friday, December 19, 2003

Nick Kent's holding on for a hero

Nick Kent is a brilliant rock journalist (check out his collection the Dark Stuff), but there's a depressingly curmudgeonly tone to his article No more heroes in the Guardian today.
Perhaps the age of the Bowie-esque mercurial superstar is over, but if it's heroes you're after what about Wayne Coyne? Andre 3000? Missy Elliott, Howe Gelb?
I'm sure the Stooges did blow White Stripes and the Hives away at Coachella, but that's cos they're the fucking Stooges, not Van Morrison or Macca.
He acknowledges there have been fine records made this year, but mentions only a few. I'm not looking for an exhaustive list, but c'mon!
His comments on the music industry and depleted live scene are fair enough, but perhaps he could do with looking a bit harder into homegrown scenes across the UK before bemoaning the lack of an underground.

Postscript: Saw Sex Pistols documentary Filth and the Fury last night which contains a vintage interview with a wasted Nick Kent. Makes me appreciate his good stuff all the more. I'd thorougly recommend his review of Marquee Moon - makes you excited about the album even if you've heard it. It's in the Penguin book of rock writing, a fine collection.

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