Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Even More Sounds of Death and Terror: It's The Vault of Horror!!!

Absolutely chuffed to be part of this jolly shindig! Hang on, that's not very Halloweeny is it? Let's start again. There's been a murder on the dancefloor! Shake your severed limbs and watch you don't slip on the pools of blood as a beastly line up of musickal deviants commit horrific acts upon your ears! Can you handle the Vault Of Horror? Bwah ha ha ha!!!



Plaque Terror (Hockyfrilla/Nackt Insecten)

Bridget Hayden (Vibracathedral Orchestra)


The Radiation Line VS Mills & Boon

PLUS film screenings, visuals

DJ sets from John Cavanagh, eva, Stu from Beard magazine, and Anne from BaNG!bAnG!

Friday 31st October @The Flying Duck 8pm til 3am £6

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's the bloodcurdling Beard Radio Halloween Special!

Egad! It's the Beard Halloween Special!!!!

With Shocking Stew of The Suppurating Wounds joined in the studio by Monstrous Matt The Vile Necromancer of Partick and Rancid Reuben The Mad Monk of Harrow!!!!!

Horrorcore! Horror jazz! Horror Soundtracks! Nasty Japanese Death Metal! Camp variety! The freakiest of freak beat! Electronic horror! And terror so unclassifiable it will rupture your spleen!!!!

Black Sabbath - The Wizard
Gravediggaz - Diary Of A Madman
Ronald Stein - Spider Baby
Sun Ra - Halloween In Harlem
Delia Derbyshire - Wizard's Labratory
Coffins - Buried Death
Douglas Byng - I'm A Mummy
Jason Crest - Black Mass
The Tango Saloon - Dracula Cha Cha Cha
Runhild Gammelsaeter - Collapse (Lifting The Veil)
The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black - I Believe In Halloween
Superfine Dandelion - Janie's Tomb
Roky Erikson - Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)

Spooky sound effects from Disney's Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House
Nasty sounds of torture from BBC Sound Effects 27: Even More Sounds of Death and Horror, produced by the mighty Mike Harding.
B-Movie Trailers from Wavy Gravy: For Adult Enthusiasts Vol.1

Also, check out Subcity's new spoken word show, Rara Radio!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beard Radio 20.10.08

I'm joined this week by my good chum Colin Ferguson, who selected the tunes in the second half of the show (Eddie Marcon onwards). New stuff from DSP, No Age and Christina Carter, some utterly beautiful Japanese drone-pop from Eddie Marcon, spooked Ethiopian jazz, neo-psychedelic pastoralism from XTC and genius DIY dada-pop from The Homosexuals. We mark the demise of unlamented Austrian far-right scumbag Jorg Haider with MDC's Nazis Shouldn't Drive.

"They should've paid attention in driver's ed
Instead of hating foreigners, queers and reds"

Death Sentence Panda - Untitled (Insects Awaken, Upset The Rhythm)
XTC - Yacht Dance (English Settlement, Virgin)
Girma Beyene - Set Alamenem (Very Best Of Ethiopiques, Manteca)
Karate Party - Pressure (Moo-La-La)
No Age - Teen Creeps (Nouns, Subpop)
Christina Carter - Capable Of Murder (Original Darkness, Kranky)
Eddie Marcon - Amime (Shining On Graveposts, Preservation)
Washington Phillips - Lift Him Up That's All (Goodbye Babylon, Dust To Digital)
Hasil Adkins - Chicken Shake (Norton 7")
MDC - Nazis Shouldn't Drive (Magnus Dominus Corpus, Sudden Death)
The Homosexuals - Prestel (Astral Glamour, Messthetics)
Marty & Elaine - Stayin' Alive (Private Press)
Deluxe Folk Implosion - Daddy Never Understood (Domino 7")

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beard on Subcity Radio 13.10.08

Japanese disco bliss!
16 minutes of DOOM!!!!!
Shouty punk rock!!
Math-pop joy!
Free jazz in praise of culinary excellence!!!

It can only be another exciting episode of Beard Radio!!!

Triple School - Sniffin' Glue (Autoconstuccion CD, CCA, 2008)
Mercury Rev - Trickle Down (Boces, Beggars Banquet, 1993)
High Places - Storm (High Places, Thrill Jockey, 2008)
The Cecil Taylor Unit - Pots (Mixed, Impulse, 1961)
Foxface - Tortillas (Autoconstuccion CD, CCA, 2008)
Times New Viking - No Sympathy
(Stay Awake EP, Matador, 2008)
Asva - Game In Hell Hard Work In Heaven (What You Don't Know Is Frontier, Southern, 2008)
Mariah - Shinzo No Tobira (Japan 1983)
Marnie Stern - Ruler (This Is..., Kill Rock Stars, 2008)
Gummy Stumps - Succulent (Autoconstuccion CD, CCA, 2008)

Check out the wonderful 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog for more about Mariah.

This week we celebrate Abraham Cruzvillegas's exhibition at the CCA, Autoconstruccion, by playing some of the songs he co-wrote with Glasgow bands. The CD is available from the gallery. We strongly recommend you visit the exhibition, take a ride on the soundsystem bicycle, and pick up a copy of the CD.

Apologies for the massive fuck up, ie the dead air for the first few minutes of Asva. I left the fader on cue, so I could hear it, but the listeners couldn't. A completely basic error, I really am a numpty. So if you're listening again, skip forward a few minutes when Asva is supposed to start.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beard Radio 6.10.08

Joe McPhee

Francisco Lopez

On this week's show we preview Kill Your Timid Notion, Dundee's pioneering festival devoted to exploring the borders between sound and vision. Brought to you by the good people behind Glasgow's Instal Festival and The Music Lover's Field Companion in Gateshead, KYTN brings together experimental music, performance, art and film, making for an experience that'll open your ears, eyes, and mind. While we can only represent the sonic side of the festival, we hope our selections will have you intrigued - expect to hear sounds electric and acoustic, digital and analogue, human and animal. We're not joking about the animals by the way.

All that plus the usual mix of miscued records, overuse of the word "awesome", and new tracks from some of our favourite artists.

I must apologise for my ridiculous banter. I'd just been to a postgrad meet and greet, where wine did a flow quite freely. So there's a very relaxed presentation style this week, as well as some impromput microphone stand spring improvisations. Well, they made some great resonant tones!

Playlist in full:

Cato Salsa Experience & The Thing with Joe McPhee - The Witch
Antony & The Johnstons - Shake That Devil
Lucky Dragons - Morning Ritual
Keith Rowe - The Room (excerpt)
Gang Gang Dance - First Communion
Tattie Toes - Ximon
Vivian Girls - Tell The World
Francisco Lopez - La Selva (excerpt)
Shonen Knife - Top Of The World