Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beard on Subcity 29.9.08

From hurricane lashed Texas to a dreich Glasgow, Beard co-founder Neil Jaques is back for our latest show! And he's brought some amazing old records from his father-in-law's collection with him. Meanwhile, Stewart will be dropping some recently acquired bombs. So after a barrage of new releases for our first show, we fancied going for a kind of new old theme this week. So we'll be winding back a couple of years, then back to the 1940s, before beaming right back through time again, like music geek timelords.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - I Love You Big Dummy (Lick My Decals Off) Reprise
Rammelzee - Pogo (The Bi-Conicals Of...) Gomma
Yes - Beyond and Before (Yes) Atlantic
Jelly Roll Morton - Dead Man's Blues (compilation on Bluebird)
Kelis - Good Stuff (Kaleidoscope)
June Tabor & Maddy Prior - My Husband's Got No Courage In Him (Silly Sisters)
Olivier Messiaen - Liturgie De Cristal
(Quartet For The End of Time - Deutsche Gramophon recording with Daniel Beironbom)
Laura Nyro - New York Tendaberry (New York Tendaberry) Columbia
Ornette Coleman - Free (Change Of The Century) Atlantic
Charlie Feathers - Uh Huh Honey (Uh Huh Honey) Norton
Minor Threat - Betray (Out Of Step) Dischord
Nas - New York State of Mind (Illmatic) Columbia

Monday, September 22, 2008

Beard Radio on Subcity 22.09.08

Tributes to the late, great Norman Whitfield and Rick Wright. Some very noisy stuff from two of our favourite Glasgow acts! Some very pretty music! Some nonsensical banter. It can only be Beard Radio!

Gather round ye feral children and worshippers of Pogon. Fire up the crystal set and let Beard Radio lift you heavenward on radiant beams of feedback and breath. Or in other words, tune in to hear Stewart and regular guest Matt, aka Guanoman, mumble and miscue some very good records. Huzzah!

Temptations - Psychedelic Shack Tamla Motown
Pink Floyd - Paint Box EMI
Abe Vigoda - Dead City PPM
Zach Hill - Dark Arts Ipecac
Mick Barr & Zach Hill - Desert Glass Bubble Kill Rock Stars
Baby Dee - Big Tittie Bee Girl Drag City
Desalvo - Tongue Scraper Pts 1 & 2 Rock Action
Rolo Tomassi - I Love Turbulence Hassle
Fred Frith - King Dawn Tzadik
Kasai Allstars - Kafuulu Balu Crammed Disc
Made Out Of Babies - Peew The End
Kylie Minoise - Neck Brace Art Appreciation Club Kovorox Sound

Desalvo's album launch takes place on Sunday 28th September at Stereo. Support comes from the equally mighty Kylie Minoise!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Return of Beard Radio!

Yes! Your favourite follically minded radio show is back back back on Monday 15th September at 7pm on Subcity Radio.

We've got a summer's worth of musical discoveries to share with you, as well as some hot new releases. Not quite sure what Monday's show will bring, although there's a fair bet we'll play some of the acts from Colour Out Of Space, as well as new tunes from some Beard radio favourites.

Look forward to new jingles, special guests and our hapless attempts to get to grips with the station's new mixing board!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Colour Out Of Space

Behold the Lovecraftian beast emerging slobbering and shrieking from the English channel this weekend! Yes, it's Colour Out Of Space in Brighton this weekend. Organised by Dylan Nyoukis [of Decaer Pinga, Blood Stereo and the label Chocolate Monk], it's one of Britain's best underground and experimental music shindigs, featuring noise both psychedelic and harsh, dadaist sound poetry, free improv, DIY scuzz and all kinds of uncategorisable brain wobble and throat gush. Did I just write that? Anyway, ignore my sub-Coley guff, and know this: Colour Out Of Space is fucking necessary. See you there.