Sunday, August 22, 2004

Joanna Newsom and the Sonic Beard Appreciation Society

Music at the Edinburgh Festival has been absolutely fucking wonderful. Shame about the rest of it. Actually, I saw a very good Tempest and one day of the Book festival was like being at Uni again - discussions of politics, history and the media. I'll maybe do a summary post once I've seen some more book fest turns.
No point blogging each review from Fest. The following are mine: Alisdair Roberts, Thomas Truax, Laura Viers, Wettre, Nymo & Stronen. More to come.

Finally come round to Joanna Newsom's voice. For those of you, yet to experience the lovely Ms Newsom's pixie-folk magic, she plays gorgeous harp and sounds kinda like Victoria Williams crossed with Lisa Simpson. Squawky and squeaky. The songs are clearly lovely, but some people can't get past the voice. But after hearing the melancholy wonder that is Bridges And Balloons I'm sold.

Must update more often - I'm actually doing interesting things. But doing interesting things is kinda tiring. Aw hell, who am I kidding. It's not like I'm going through to Edinburgh and watching three shows a day. I'm still being a lazy git, getting up at 9, watching the OC and wasting many hours on the internet. And not finishing off my Wilco live review for ITM? It was five weeks ago, but I have notes from the time.
Gotta blitz Beard this week - Lucky Luke interview to write up, lay out etc.
Then I can hopefully have it ready for the first of September and hand a copy to Thurston Moore when he strolls into Mono before the Yoof's gig at the Barrowlands. He'll say, "Yeah man, that's a nice zine. Check it out guys." At which point the Yoof gather round transfixed by the magazine magic. And then when they play their triumphant gig they'll announce, "This one's for Stew. Y'all should read Beard, it's totally rad."
Or perhaps not.

Monday, August 09, 2004

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Here's to you Mr. James.