Monday, December 17, 2007

Beard Xmas radio on!

Merry Christmas, it's our final show of the year!

Wild Billy Childish - Christmas 1979 (Christmas 1970, 2007)
James Brown - Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto (Funky Christmas)
Burial - Archangel (Untrue, 2007)
Faust - Jennifer (Faust IV, 1974)
Low - Just Like Christmas (Christmas, 1998)
Baby Dee - Safe Inside The Day (Safe Inside The Day, 2007)
Vialka - Polski Ogorski (Tonight I Show You Fuck, 2002)
Bonnie Prince Billie - I Came To Hear The Music (Ask Forgiveness EP, 2007)
Orange Juice - Holiday Hymn (The Sound Of Young Scotland, 2005)
Jeffrey Lewis - Systematic Death (12 Crass Songs, 2007)
Underground Resistance - Kill My Radio Station (Electronic Warfare 2.0.
Burning Star Core - Me and My Arrow (Operator Dead, Post Abandoned, 2007)
Coasters - Down In Mexico (Death Proof OST, 2007)
Fanfare Ciocarlia - Hora De Bucharesti (Radio Pascani, 1998)
Phosphorescent – Wolves (S/T, 2007)
Don Cherry - Blue Lake (Blue Lake, 1971)
Marnie Stern - Patterns of A Diamond Ceiling (In Advance of The Broken
Arm, 2007)
Yo La Tengo - It's Christmas Time (Merry Christmas From Yo La Tengo, 2002)
Reuben Anderson - Christmas Time Again (Trojan Reggae Christmas, 1967)
Robert Wyatt - Just As You Are (Comicopera, 2007)
John Wiese - track 3 (Black Magic Pond, 2007)
The Valerie Masters – Christmas Calling (Joe Meek’s Girls)
Shirley Collins & Davey Graham – Cherry Tree Carol (Folk Routes, New Routes, 1966)
Vampire Can't - Wax Lips (Key Cutter, 2005)
Arthur Doyle - Street Prayer (Basement Tapes, 2001)
Nurse With Wound - Two Shaves and A Shine (An Awkward Pause, 1999)
Sunny Murray - Phase 1, 2, 3, 4 (1032, 1966)
John Wiese - track 1 (Black Magic Pond, 2007)
This Heat – 24 Track Loop (This Heat, 1978)
Diana Rogerson…

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beard on Subcity 10.12.07

Listen again to this week's Beard radio show

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song (III, 1974)
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Stimmung
Mothers of Invention – Mother People (We’re only in it for the Money, 1968)
Notekillers – Roll Over Stockhausen
Mountain Goats – The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton
Alistair Crosbie – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (A Glasgow Wassail, 2007)
Miles Davis – On The Corner (On the Corner, 1972)
Jeffrey Lewis – Do They Owe Us? (12 Crass Songs)
Cardiacs – Gen (CD single, 2007)
Wu Tang Clan – Campfire (8 Diagrams)
Nic Jones – Humpback Whale (Penguin Eggs)
Fat Worm of Error – Return of the Thin White Dook (Ambivalence and the Beaker)
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Kontakte (edit)
Temptations – Psychedelic Shack
Michel Polnareff – Ne Dans Un Ice Cream
The Monsoon Bassoon – The Very Best of Bad Luck 97 (I Dig Your Voodoo, 1999)
Karen Dalton – Something’s On Your Mind
Thoth – The Herma, Scene 5: Recitation/An (Songs in the Key of Z, 2000)
Black Dice – Gore (Load Blown)
Harvey Milk – I’ve Got a Love (Special Wishes, 2006)
Ghostface Killa – Walk Around (Big Doe Rehab)
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Puppet Show (In Glorious Times, 2007)
Liars – Let’s Not Wrestle Mount Heartattack
Raymond Scott – Sleepy time (Sotthing Sounds for Baby, Vol. 1, 1963)
Getachew Mekuria & The Ex & Friends *

Monday, December 03, 2007

Beard on Subcity radio 3.12.07

Thought that was a good show tonight. Some cheap innuendo from Neil and myself, and a right slagging of Morrissey. Musically we had Stevie Wonder as featured artist, and a fine selection of tunes that takes in Norwegian bizarro-prog-metal, Japanese underground jazz-pop, a collaboration between Morecambe & Wise's guitarist and the dark prince of Japanese noise rock, motorik grooves both German and Canadian, Iranian classical masters, and the dadaist soundtrack to a Czech new wave Classic.

Listen again!

Neu! - Heroes (Neu! 75, 1975)
Holy Fuck - Super Inuit (LP, 2007)
Sodastream - Keith and Tina (Take Me With You When You Go EP, 2005)
Melvins - The Talking Horse (A Senile Animal, 2006)
Stevie Wonder - Work Out Stevie Work Out (1963)
Loretta Lynn - Don't Come Home Drinkin' With Loving On Your Mind (1968)
Nina Nastasia - While We Talk (Run To Ruin, 2003)
Throwing Muses - Call Me (Throwing Muses, 1986)
Stevie Wonder - Hey Love (1966)
Shining - Winterreise (Grindstone, 2007)
Bobby Conn - United Nations (Rise Up, 1998)
Tenniscoats - Rolling Train (Tan-Tan Therapy, 2007)
Stevie Wonder - If You Really Love Me (Where I'm Coming From, 1971)
Daniel Johnston - Joy Without Pleasure (Songs Of Pain, 1981)
"Man With Typewriter" - Sedmikrasky (Daisies OST, 1967)
Sebadoh - Soul & Fire (Bubble & Scrape, 1993)
Stevie Wonder - I Believe When I Fall In Love (Talking Book, 1972)
The Fugs - Boobs A Lot (First Album, 1967)
The Pastels - Worlds Of Possibility (single version) (1995)
Derek Bailey & Keiji Haino - Umi Ga Ichiban Muchi (Songs, 2000)
"Food Fight" - Sedmikrasky (Daisies OST, 1967)
Swell Maps - Cake Shop (Jane From Occupied Europe, 1980)
Butthole Surfers - Ricky (Hairway To Steven, 1988)
Stevie Wonder - Visions (Innervisions, 1973)
Payvar Ensemble - Dastgah Chahargah (Persian Music comp)
Stevie Wonder - Living For The City (Innervisions, 1973)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Beard on 26.11.07

Apologies for the delay in posting this up, but you can still tune in to last week's Beard show on Subcity radio. At least until the new show goes on air. Listen in tomorrow night as we celebrate the music of Stevie Wonder. We're gonna be playing some lesser known gems from the godlike genius that is Stevie's career. We'll also be playing new stuff from Tenniscoats, Holy Fuck, Melvins and more! And our chum Ronda-Lee will be popping in with some esoteric selections from her adventures in record collecting.

Anyway, here's what we played on the current show. Shirley Collins was our featured artist.

King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man (In The Court of The Crimson King, 1969)
The Replacements – Alex Chilton (Pleased To Meet Me, 1987)
Yoko Oh No! – Castle Milk (CD-R 2007)
Devo – Space Junk (Are We Not Men? 1979)
Oxbow – The Stick (Evil Heat…)
MIA – Boyz (Kala, 2007)
Kate Bush – Cloudbusting (Hounds Of Love, 1984)
Shirley & Dolly Collins – Gilderoy (1978)
Shirley Collins – The Tide Flows In (Power OF The True Love’s Knot, 1967)
Richard Youngs – I Need The Light (Autumn Response, 2007)
Toumani Diabate & Ali Farka Toure – (In The Heart Of The Moon, 2005)
Halo Benders – Virginia Reel Around The Fountain (The Rebels Not In, 1998)
Deerhoof – Matchbook Seeks Maniac (Friend Opportunity, 2007)
The Troggs – A Girl Like You (7”, 1966)
Shirley Collins – Polly Vaughn (Sweet Primroses, 1967)
Shirley Collins –
Carla Bley – Long Song Sung
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – TROY (Mecca & The Soul Brother, 1992)
Dusty Springfield – Love Power (Definitely Dusty, 1968)
Bobb Trimble – Glass Menagerie Fantasies (Iron Curtain Innocence, 1982)
Basil Kirchin – Tzuris Oy Vey (Particles, 2007)
Daevid Allen –
Shirley Collins & The Albion Band – Murder of Maria Marten (No Rose, 1972)
Tom Jones – Polk Salad Annie (Tom!, 1970)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

No Age, Battles, and more, practicing!

That's right! We at Beard love No Age (see our review of their Glasgow gig earlier this year) and their righteous two-men plus pedals punk rock gospel. You can watch them practicing and shooting the shit about MC Hammer on

And while you're at it check out the other clips featuring such Beard favourites as Battles, Holy Fuck, Espers, and our new favourite Philippino hardcore band, Vampire State. Alright!