Sunday, March 26, 2006

Buck Owens - RIP

Sad to hear that country great Buck Owens, the Baron of Bakersfield, has passed away aged 76. They'll be playing 'Buckaroo' in heaven tonight.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ivor Cutler RIP

Lovely tribute from Duglas T Stewart of BMX Bandits.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Zine watch

Blank Stares & Cricket Claps #8
A5, free!

The eighth issue of this Sheffield based zine boasts interviews with King Biscuit Time, Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players, Broadcast, Junkplanet and local raves The Long Blondes. I particularly enjoyed the chat with David Berman of the Silver Jews and the excellent piece on Nuggets, which features quotes from the Electric Prunes and Barry, of Barry & The Remains fame. It's funny too, with the demos being reviewed (purportedly) by Paul Gambuccini and Bobby Peru, and James Blunt being lampooned in a pleasingly rude photo story. Playful and sharply designed, this is a cracking wee zine.

Khaki Shorts #10
A4, £1

The infamous Glasgow comic returns with its time honoured blend of mirth, bile and mockery. Contributors include John Miller and members of Glasgow's finest satirical pop group The Plimptons. Amongst its targets are Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs, emo kids, and Ballboy. The strips vary in style and tone, from crude (and all the more amusing for it) Viz style japes, to dark, hallucinatory visions.
The West-Enders is spot on in its satire of pseudo-bohemian assholes as they search for drugs and hand out flyers for Heil Electro featuring DJ Wankstain and DJ Fud. As a fan of cheesey puns I have to doff my cap to the KS boys for inventing a Chinese restaurant called Don't Wok Run.
Very funny, very rude, go get!