Friday, December 19, 2003

Jack White goes ape!

Yikes! Jack White really is finding it harder to be a gentleman. What's happened to him? He's been dissing the Von Bondies for a while now. He ditched their guitarist, the lovely Marcie Bolen, for chipmunk cheeked freak Rennee Zellweger, and now he's kicking the shit out of the singer! What's going on Jack? Have those tight red 'n black trews blocked the blood supply to your brain?

And while I'm at it, Elephant really isn't that great. I'm not being wilfully obscure - it just doesn't hit me like their other albums. Seven Nation Army is awesome, Black Math is a great dumb riff, while You've Got Her In Your Pocket would make Alex Chilton proud, but the rest is good to middling to wack. That stupid squirrel song really sucks.

Anyway, wince at this. Old Jack's given poor Jason a real shiner

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