Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yes, Beard #6 is out!

That's right, the brand new, long awaited Beard #6 has been unleashed! It's been out since late May in fact. I just don't keep this blog updated much now that we have fallen for the evil corporate charms of myspace. Anyway...

Vashti Bunyan
The folk-pop legend brews up a cuppa and tells Beard about her remarkable life, from working with Andrew Loog-Oldham to the Animal Collective, and travelling through the Scottish Highlands and Ireland in between.
Silver Jews
David Berman on poetry, faith and happiness.
Howe Gelb
The Giant Sand major domo on the power of gospel and how Keanu nearly joined the band.
Nina Nastasia
Peel's favourite songstress sheds light on Steve Albini's culinary skillz.
Jeffrey Lewis
The anti-folk comic book hero communes with the Beard.
BMX Bandits
Duglas T Stewart looks back on 20 years of ultra-romantic pop.
Gay Against You
Armed with laptops, a keytar and skimpy gymn shorts, Glasgow noise/pop/breakcore/gabba mentalists bring the ruckus.
"You bastards, you've brought slam-dancing back to Glasgow" complained their friend. "Good!" they replied.
Underground comics hero and Spongebob writer sicks it up.

We're at large at all the best festivals - ATP, Green Man, Instal and Triptych - and have been reviewing a plethora of gigs and records.

Follow the saga of Beatnik Whaling Comix!

It's our best issue yet! A bumper, jam packed edition for only £2.50

Mail order from

Or buy from (so far) Monorail and Missing Records, Glasgow, Analogue Books, Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, the next issue is beginning to take shape - due in the Autumn.

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