Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ian Svenonious speaks to Mark E Smith!

Our featured artist on Beard radio next week is Ian Svenonious. From Nation of Ulysses through The Make Up and David Candy, to Scene Creamers and Weird War, Svenonious is one righteous, funny and cool motherfucker, communicating radical left-wing politics, mind-boggling conspiracies, and gospel power via an inspired blend of punk, hardcore, funk, psych, free jazz, mod and freakbeat. Last year he published the little pink book The Psychic Soviet, where he expounds on politics and music in his uniquely tangential and inspired manner.

And now he's a chat show host. The first season of Soft Focus saw Svenonious interview the likes of Genesis P'Orridge, Ian Mackaye, Andrew WK and Chan Marshall.

This go-round he's in England to round up and interview the cream of the UK's musical crop. First up, Mark E. Smith, frontman and only continous member of the greatest Manchester band of all time, the Fall (sorry, 808 State). If you're familiar with the man and his work with the press, you're probably aware of the challenge Ian faced in sitting down with him to chat. Well, you'll either be pleased or disappointed to learn that ol' slurry neither punched nor pissed in a bucket by him during the taping. He talked about sports.

The first part of the first ever Soft Focus UK!
Mark E. Smith talks to Ian Svenonius!

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