Monday, October 15, 2007

Beard radio

No featured artist this week. Instead the thread loosely hanging the show together (ahem!) is the stuff I found in the MVE Basement in Notting Hill Gate - everything from Pentangle and the Tornados, to Atahualpa Yupanqui and Duane Eddy. Nice!

Radio Birdman – Aloha Steve & Danno
Mothers of Invention – Who Needs The Peace Corps? (We’re Only In It For The Money, Reprise, 1967)
Dirty Projectors – Gimme Gimme (Rise Above, Rough Trade, 2007)
Mr Bungle – Ars Moriendi (California, Warners, 2001)
The Tornados – Telstar (Decca, 1962)
Marnie Stern – Every Single Line Means Something (In Advance Of The Broken Arm, Kill Rock Stars, 2007)
The Blow – Parentheses (Paper Television, Tomlab/K, 2006)
Gay Against You – Telerad (Musclemilk, Adaadaat, 2006)
Duane Eddy – Guitar Man
The Spotniks – Galloping Guitars
Os Mutantes – Ando Meio Desligado
Atahualpa Yupanqui – Cancion Del Canaverel
Garnett Mimms – As Long As I Have You
Sir Richard Bishop – Free Masonic Guitar (Polytheistic Fragments, Drag City, 2006)
Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz – On The Beach Boys Bus (Osaka Bridge, Karaoke Kalk, 2006)
Pentangle – Train Song (Basket of Light, Transatlantic, 1969)
Lucky Luke – Fear Eats The Soul (Patrick The Survivor, Invada, 2005)
Can – Vitamin C (Ege Bamyasi, Spoon, 1972)
Tinariwen – Maladjem Yinmixan (Anam Iman, World Circuit, 2007)
Rezillos – Top Of The Pops (Sire, 1978)
Pulsallama – The Devil Lives In My Husbands Body (Y Records 1982)
Final Fantasy – Arctic Circle (He Poos Clouds, Tomlab, 2006)
Buck Owens – Who’s Gonna Mow Your Lawn (1969)
Shirley Collins & Albion Band – Poor Murdered Woman (No Roses, Harvest, 1971)
Magik Markers – Empty Bottles (Boss, Ecstatic Peace, 2007)
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band – Michael
The Rutles – I Must Be In Love

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