Monday, October 08, 2007

Beard radio 8 October playlist

This week's show is available to listen again

Our SST special went a bit like this...

This week's bed music was from Supersonic Guitars Vol.2 by Billy Mure (MGM, 1959)

Husker Du – New Day Rising (New Day Rising, SST, 1984)
Minutemen – Corona (Double Nickels On The Dime, SST, 1984)
The Monks – Shut Up
Fiery Furnaces – Egyptian Grammar (Widow City, Drag City, 2007)
Hank Williams – Long Gone Lonesome Blues
Dinosaur Jr – Little Fury Things (You’re Living All Over Me, SST, 1987)
Black Flag – Rise Above (Damaged, SST, 1981)
Electrelane – To The East (No Shouts, No Calls, Too Pure, 2007)
Guanoman – 14 Deaths of Monroe Simmons
Baby Huey – Hard Times (The Baby Huey Story: The Living Legend, Curtom 1970)
Meat Puppets – Plateau (II, SST, 1983)
Meat Puppets – Two Rivers (Up On The Sun, SST, 1984)
Scatter – Mountain Announces (The Mountain Announces, Blank Tapes, 2006)
Opal – Rocket Machine (Happiest Nightmare, SST, 1987)
Negativland – Car Bomb (Escape From Noise, SST, 1987)
Robert Wyatt – AWOL (Comicopera, Domino, 2007)
Sonic Youth – Expressway To Yr Skull (Evol, SST, 1986)
Sonny Sharrock – Black Woman (Black Woman, Water, 1969)
The United States Of America – Coming Down (S/T, Sundazed reissue, 2004)
Husker Du – Pink Turns To Blue (Zen Arcade, SST, 1984)
Minutemen – Vietnam (Double Nickels, SST, 1984)
Blind Idiot God –
Dirty Projectors – Six Pack (Rise Above, Rough Trade, 2007)
Firehose – Brave Captain (Ragin’, Full On, SST, 1986)
Dinosaur Jr – Sludgefeast (You’re Living All Over Me, SST, 1987)

We said we'd play My War by Black Flag at the end. But I miscued the cd. Argh! Nevermind, you got an awesome Dino song instead. And we'll play said BF song next week.

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