Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beard radio!

It's another exciting edition of Beard Radio!

This week’s featured artist – Ian Svenonious!!!

Ian MacBeth (Monorail, Missing) drops by to share his love for the man behind The Make Up, Weird War and Nation of Ulysses.

Plus absurd chat about Skrewdriver and Donovan!!!

Kiss – Hotter Than Hell
Brian Eno – King’s Lead Hat
Royal We – I Hate Rock ‘n Roll
The Go-Gos – We Got The Beat
Tattie Toes – Taiko Lullaby
Nation of Ulysses – The Shape of Jazz To Come
Animal Collective – Reverend Green
Nation of Ulysses – Shakedown
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
U-Roy – I’m Going To Wear You To The Ball
Make Up – Prelude To A Comedown/Can I Hear U Say ‘Yea’
Yamasuki –
No Age – Neck Escaper
Lee Hazelwood – You Look Like A Lady
Make Up – White Belts
Mission of Burma – Academy Fight Song
Weird War – I’ll Never Forget Whatshisname
Naftule Branwein - ?
Scene Creamers – Love Wuz
Roy Orbison – In Dreams
Make Up – P.O.W. To The People

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