Friday, February 26, 2010

Beard Radio 25.2.10

Tonight's show brings together a gem from the Rock In Opposition singles box in the form of R Stevie Moore's (pictured) ersatz cockney Suicide banger What You Looking At?, some mindblowing Italian prog, some gloriously funky free jazz from Joe McPhee, Dundonian dubstep from Loops Haunt and much more. Special thanks to Daniel Padden of the One Ensemble, whose fantastic DJ set at the wonderful Sir Richard Bishop gig the other night gave me a few ideas for the show.

Joe McPhee - Shakey Jake; Nation Time (Atavistic) 1970
Kuedo - Starfox, 12" (Planet Mu) 2010
US Girls - Red Ford Radio; Go Grey (Siltbreeze) 2010
Area - La Mela Di Odessa; Crac (Cramps) 1975
R Stevie Moore - What Are You Looking At?; V/A 16 Dance Party Smash Hits (Recommended Records) 1985
Ennio Morricone - Trafelato; Crime & Dissonance (Tzadik) 1971
Sarah Kechington - A Hollow Tube; Dummy Jim (Unshaped) 2010
The One Ensemble - Khaki Knickers; Dummy Jim (Unshaped) 2010
Fred Frith - Too Much Too Little; Step Across The Border (Fred Records) 1990
Richard Thompson - Roll Over Vaughan Williams; Henry The Human Fly (Fledg'ling) 1972
Loops Haunt - Joplin 12" (Black Acre) 2010
Aphex Twin - Finger Bib; Richard D James Album (Warp) 1996
Joseph Spence - Out On The Rolling Sea; Happy All The Time (Folkways) 1964

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