Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beard on Subcity Radio 24.11.08

William Parker

This week! Music! Mumbling! An MV&EE diss!

Lokonon Andre and Les Volcans - Mi Kble Dogbekpo (African Scream Contest, Analog Africa, 2008)
William Parker - Morning Mantra (Double Sunrise Over Neptune, Aum Fidelity, 2008)
Arthur Russell - Habit Of You (Love Is Taking Over Me, Audika, 2008)
Bruce Haack - Electric To Me Turn (Electric Lucifer, Omni, 1970)
Baby Dee - Compass Of The Light (Safe Inside The Day, Drag City, 2008)
Directing Hand - What Put The Blood (What Put The Blood, Dancing Wayang, 2008)
Robert Wyatt - Gharbzadeghi (Old Rottenhat, Domino reissue 2008, orig 1986)
Burning Star Core - Challenger (Challenger, hospital, 2008)
This week's background music: The Best of Martin Denny on Liberty Records

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