Monday, November 10, 2008

Beard on Subcity Radio 10.11.08

Gil J Wolman

To paraphrase Fontella Bass's scatalogical exclamation in tonight's first tune, this show is like a low fart that's music to your brain. In the best possible way.
We've got some hot jazz, existential art-song, Lettrist sound-poetry and a novel take on a Jewish melody. There's a Bollywood synth and steel guitar wigout and some tranced out excursions for organ and tape delay. We also celebrate Neil Young's loopy cinematic folly Human Highway by playing an awesome cut from his unfairly maligned electro-rock opus Trans and a rare, but super-catchy apocalyptic hoedown from Devo. Enjoy!

Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Theme De Yo Yo (Stance A Sophie, Soul Jazz reissue 2008)
Gil J Wolman - Megapunies: 24 Mars 1963 (Lipstick Traces, Rough Trade comp, 1993)
Secret Chiefs 3 - Akramachamarei (Xaphan: Book 9 of Angels Vol 9, Tzadik, 2008)
Scott Walker - Psoriatic (The Drift, 4AD, 2006)
Gautam Dasgupta - Duniya Mane Bura To Goil Maro (Bollywood Steel Guitar, Sublime Frequencies comp, 2008)
Neil Young - Computer Age (Trans, Geffen, 1982)
Devo - It Takes A Worried Man (Pioneers Who Got Scalped, Rhino/Wea)
Terry Riley - Anthem Of The Trinity (Shri Camel, Sony, 1978)

Terry Riley

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