Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beard Radio 14.1.10 now with Prog Corner

Stewart's flying solo and making loads of technical mistakes in the process. Oh dear. Good tunes though! Plus PROG CORNER! Behold our monolithic new jingle.

Abba - Eagle; Greatest Hits Vol 2 (Epic)
Boredoms - No Core Punk; Osorezan no Stooges Kyo (Earthnoise)
McCoy Tyner -Ebony Queen; Sahara (Original Jazz Classics)
Mark Hollis - Colour of Spring; Mark Hollis (Polydor)
Eno & Harmonia - Welcome; Tracks & Traces (Gronland)
Dolphins Into The Future - On The High Seas; On Sea Faring Isolation (Not not fun)
Josephine Foster - Trust In The Unexpected; Graphic As A Star (Fire)
Van Der Graaf Generator - Still Life; Still Life (Charisma)
Alasdair Roberts - You Muses Assist; Spoils (Drag City)
Pangaea - Memories (Hessle Audio)
Bird Names - A New Map For Kissing; On Opaque Things (Pecan Crazy)
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Wake Up And Make Love To Me; New Boots & Panties (Stiff)

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