Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beard Radio 24.9.09

Stewart and Gary bring you the second Beard Radio of the term. And this time there's only one cock up! Yes, unfortunately there's a minute or so of dead air around the 11 minute mark 'cos we forgot to turn the microphones on. Oooops! Hey, that's the sort of hapless idiocy we're known and loved for. Our show starts about 1 minute 30 seconds into the file with the awesome NWOBHM shredder Angel Witch, by Angel Witch, from the album Angel Witch. YOU'RE AN ANGELWITCH!!!

Yes, this week's show is brought to you by the words WOBBLE and WITCH. So we've got some bass heavy wobblers and some witchy sounds for you, as well as a bunch of other stuff we like. Bugging out at the brilliance of Tyondai Braxton's solo LP, grooved by the Yiddish improv of Barnacled, haunted by the minimal pop beauty of The xx, spangled by Bizzy B's darkside classic, wobbled by Cotti's dubstep banger... In other words, a killer show. Enjoy!

Angel Witch - Angel Witch; Angel Witch (Castle Communications)
Bizzy B - Twisted Mentasm; Retrospective (Planet Mu)
Tyondai Braxton - The Duck and The Butcher; Central Market (Warp)
Anthony Braxton - RFO - MIF; Saxophone Improvisations Series F (Inner City)
The xx - Crystalised; The xx (Young Turks)
Cotti - The Truth Hurts; Soul Jazz Records Singles 2008-2009 (Soul Jazz)
Angelblood - Terrorist Bang Bang; Masses of the Daggers (Captain Trip Records)
Wounded Knee - Bools 7" verson (Nuts & Seeds)
Barnacled - Title; Charles (ESP-Disk)
Luke Vibert - Acidisco; YosepH (Warp)

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