Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beard goes to Hinterland

With special guest Guanoman in tow, we preview the Hinterland festival. All these fine tunes, plus an exclusive Guanoman/Beard live improv duet!
The listen again has some overspill from Benzo and Nav. The Residents! Nice.

Tattie Toes - Amapola, Split 7" with 7 Hertz (Nuts & Seeds)
Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen, 666 (Vertigo)
Black Sun - Code Black (At War With False Noise)
Remember Remember - Fountain, RememberRemember (Rock Action)
Flat Earth Society - Flatology (Crammed)
Marion Brown - Once Upon A Time (A Children's Tale), Geechee Reminiscences (Impulse)
Guanoman - Son of Son of Ghazilla (Transdimensional Sushi)
Desalvo - Brown Flag, Mood Poisoner (Rock Action)
Rustie - Aspartame n Spice (Warp)
Death - Freakin' Out (Drag City)
Capillary Action - Bloody Noss (Discorporate)
Parliament - The Silent Boatman, Parliament (Invictus)

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