Monday, February 09, 2009

Beard Radio's Cosmic Disco Inferno 9.2.09

This week's Beard Radio... it's thumpin', it's jumpin', it's top trumpsin'. We've got Lindstrom's INCREDIBLE Boredoms remix, some amazing Algerian jeep beats, gorgeous drone and, in anticipation of Glasgow's Halt Bar Valentine's Hijack, some blisteringly horrible noise and some deranged violin abuse.

Bellemou Benissa - Li Maamdouche L'Auto, 1970's Algerian Proto-Rai (Sublime Frequencies)
Missy Elliot - The Rain, Supa Dupa Fly (EastWest)
Fennesz - The Colour Of Three, Black Sea (Touch)
Harmonia -Dino, Musik Von Harmonia (Revisited)
Boredoms - Ant 10 (Lindstrom Remix), Superroots 11 (Vice)
Gang Gang Dance - House Jam, Saint Dymphna (Social Registry)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji/Helicoptere Sanglante - Untitled, S/T (Countripsyde)
Helhesten - Dithyramb, Chops split LP (Upset The Rhythm)

Tonight's background music: Fuzzy Felt Folk (Trunk Records)

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