Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Even More Sounds of Death and Terror: It's The Vault of Horror!!!

Absolutely chuffed to be part of this jolly shindig! Hang on, that's not very Halloweeny is it? Let's start again. There's been a murder on the dancefloor! Shake your severed limbs and watch you don't slip on the pools of blood as a beastly line up of musickal deviants commit horrific acts upon your ears! Can you handle the Vault Of Horror? Bwah ha ha ha!!!



Plaque Terror (Hockyfrilla/Nackt Insecten)

Bridget Hayden (Vibracathedral Orchestra)


The Radiation Line VS Mills & Boon

PLUS film screenings, visuals

DJ sets from John Cavanagh, eva, Stu from Beard magazine, and Anne from BaNG!bAnG!

Friday 31st October @The Flying Duck 8pm til 3am £6

1 comment:

Johnson Mushroom said...

going to be rather m e s s y!!

woop woop!