Thursday, March 20, 2008

Save Pollok Park!

Thought this was worth bringing to people's attention. If you live in Glasgow you may be aware of proposals to turn part of Pollok Park into a Go Ape! Adventure Course. Fuck that shit. Pollok Estate was gifted to the people of Glasgow by the Maxwell family - it is not the City Council's to sell off. Furthermore, our green spaces are precious and there is much to suggest that this development will be detrimental to the environment and atmosphere of the park.

Stefan King and his G1 Group seem to have abandoned their plans to turn the old Botanic Gardens underground station into another one of their shitty nightclubs - let's hope Go Ape's plans go the same way.

I'll let SavePollokPark take up the story:

Glasgow City Council's planning committee are visiting the site for the proposed Go Ape! aerial adventure course on the 25th of March 2008. SavePollokPark are organising a group of people to represent those who are opposed to plans to visit the Burrell and the City Chambers on that day. (for new members to the group please follow this link)

also has an online petition which requires as many signatures as possible to help represent the opinion of those against the idea.

SPP intend to present to the Council and Planning Applications Committee a petition with all signatures collected - more than 3,000 thus far.

They would really appreciate if those of you who have not yet signed the petition would take a few minutes to follow this link.

And if you have the time and the inclination, please get as many family and friends to sign the petition online as possible.

Again thanks for your time and support with this cause and know that you are making a huge difference for the future of Glasgow and its heritage.

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CrossWeegie said...

Since this was written, the Council approved planning app - 14-6 against. the fight goes on!

We're asking Scottish ministers to call this app in and reverse the decision.

Check us out at [URL]http//[/URL]