Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jean Claude Vannier and Jim O'Rourke on Beard radio!

It’s Monday, it’s 6pm, it’s time to tune into Beard on Subcity radio for some smooth drive time sounds…

Fuck that, it’s time to blow your mind with two hours of cult and underground music!

Our featured artist this week is Jean-Claude Vannier, the unsung French hero who arranged Serge Gainsbourg's masterpiece L'Histoire De Melody Nelson, and created the insane orgy of orchestral-psych-raga-funk-prog-concrete that is L’Enfant Assassin De Mouche.

"This is one of those records that you really can't believe whilst you're listening to it; maybe someone spiked your drink? Or maybe you are actually dreaming, it doesn't really exist? So you put it on again just to check, pinching yourself to make sure. Yep, here it comes again - insane guitar? Check, unhinged orchestra? Check, demented choir? Check. Haunted by the ghost of Gainsbourg this record is real, you really need it in your life."

Beard shall bring you an exclusive interview with Vannier himself!

And what’s more, we’ve got super-fan and US underground polymath Jim O’Rourke waxing lyrical!

All this and new music from Magik Markers, Charalambides, Robert Wyatt, Panda Bear, Sunburned Hand of The Man and more!!!

Beard radio
6-8pm, Monday, 1st October.
Available to listen again throughout the week.

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