Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vibrational mashup

Ok, so our blogposts are going to be a lot more regular from now on. No, really! There are some exciting things happening in Beardland and we want to keep you updated.

Firstly we're starting a radio show on Glasgow's Subcity on Tuesday 18th September. Expect our usual mix of underground pop, punk, prog, psych, folk, noise, jazz and stupidity, except in radio form. More news about this soon!

And in October we're starting a monthly live music and DJ night in the 13th Note. Again, more details to follow!

More regular posts will follow: gig and record reviews, band and song recommendations, interviews and various musings. We'll have a review of this year's Green Man festival up in a couple of days.

In the meantime, check THIS out!!! A mashup that actually works (and how!) twixt Beard's favourite fret tapper Marnie Stern and r n b lady Lil Mama. It's so good we're lost for words. All we can really say is that it totally rules doods and you should listen to it. LOUD!

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