Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The return of Beard singles club - 7" special!

BMX Bandits
Doorways/Sailor’s Song

BMX Bandits – Doorways/Sailor’s Song (Rev-ola)

Doorways has really got me. It’s the kind of song you rarely hear these days, at least not done right – the adult pop ballad. Sounding like some lost Carole King or Laura Nyro gem, it’s a stunning showcase for new singer Rachel Mackenzie, and quite possibly the finest song of Duglas T Stewart’s career.
Clearly based on real life heartbreak, Stewart’s lyrics ring true, without ever sounding solipsistic. Mackenzie absolutely nails the sentiment, capturing the sense of heartache and loss in Stewart’s lyrics, while retaining her dignity and inner strength. She soars on the chorus, before slowing down on the final line, a catch in her voice as she yearns, “But I thought we had a chance for love, a very special kind of love.” It’s a heartbreaker alright.
Gorgeous and genuinley moving, in a just world this would be a massive hit.
Testament to the glory of the 7” format, as soon as Doorways ends you’ll want to lift up the tone arm and play it again. Make sure you flip it over eventually though, as Sailor’s Song, from forthcoming album My Chain, is lovely breezy soul.
After 20 years of heartache, melody and romance, it’s high time the Bandits were recognised as the classic pop band they are. Treasure this.

More singles club tomorrow folks! xx

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