Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Save Calton Studios!

Legendary Edinburgh venue Calton Studios is threatened with closure following complaints about noise from the residents of yuppie flats erected less than six months ago. Having seen the likes of Damo Suzuki there, I'd be sad to see it go. A petition has been organised. Here's what the campaigners have to say:

"This is typical of the over development of Edinburgh by property developers
who seem to think it's fine to throw up a set of badly built small flats
next to nightclub without proper sound insulation, charge a fortune and then
expect the nightclub to close as a solution to their bad planning.
Calton Studios, or Studio 24 as it is now known is one of the best
'underground scene' venues in Scotland. Currently it is home to a lot of
bands and its most popular nights are the goth/metal institutions called
the Misssion and the Mission Jr (an under 18's version) which are both
hugely popular amonst the kids in black. More famously it is known as the
home of Pure, the famous and seminal techno club of the late eighties and
early nineties. Nirvana also played their back in the day."

Here's the petition. You know what to do folks!

In other news, I've been interviewed about Beard for Diskant!


Sylvain Sylvian said...

Pure was actually up the road at Club Ego.

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