Monday, February 07, 2005

The Sound Of Young Scotland

One of the most positive aspects of Franzmania is the renewed interest in Postcard Records and their roster of indie-pop gods, including Orange Juice and Josef K. It's not easy to get hold of either band's music right now, but hopefully this will change. I've been pretty much addicted to Orange Juice lately. Guitar pop is rarely so witty, romantic or deliriously wonky.
Radio Scotland begins a new series about Scotland's independent music scene at the rock 'n roll time of 11.30am tomorrow (there's a repeat on Sunday tea time) and where else could they begin but with Postcard?
Over on 6Music, Lard took a brief look at the label on his record geek show Mint last night. And as a Brucie bonus they've got a Roy Harper interview too!
Finally, you can read about the label at Stylus. F-f-f-f-frrrresh!
On another note, we've been given a nice write up by the lovely people at diskant!

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