Monday, October 04, 2004

It's back! Beard #2

Yes, yes y'all, Beard returns with a bigger, better and beardier second issue.

Interviews with Kinky Friedman, Thomas Truax and Lucky Luke.

Appreciations of Weird War, Neil Young's Trans and bad movie dialogue.

Live extravanganza featuring All Tomorrow's Parties, Le Weekend, T In The Park, Damo Suzuki and the Magic Band.

Sonic Youth and Steven Malkmus in comic form!

Top ten pop beards!

Bumper backpage beard fun!

And more, much more!

Only £1.50 from Avalance, Monorail and Missing (Glasgow) and Europa (Stirling).
Or mail order from

(Don't worry, I've fixed the email link to the right)

Should be in the shops later today, as long as the useless copy shop have done it. It was supposed to be Friday, but they hadn't done it and "had a wedding to go to". Fuck's sake, you're a business! So my advice is if yr in Stirling and need some reprographics...go to Glasgow.

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