Sunday, July 17, 2005

Kaizers Orchestra

I was born in Norway & witnessed first-hand its brutally deficient musical culture. It's bad. REAL bad. Even the supposedly good stuff sucks- witness the wussy Kings of Convenience or the muzaky shit of Royksopp. So on a recent vacation I was surprised to hear these guys:

They are the bastard sons of Black Rider-era Tom Waits. They have a song/album called Oompa til du Dør (Oompa till you die!). They sing in Norwegian (!) & it works! (for the most part...) Get Soulseeking.

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cow said...

yes. i agree. once woke up to the kaisers orchestra at roskilde festival in denmark at 2 in the morning after falling asleep to sigur ros (faux pas there...) it was like a carnival or something. confusing but great.